i00t meaning and definition

i00t meaning

coming from the word w00t it means I own (the) other team.

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i0i meaning

This shows that you are sad/ crying The dots on the "i" are its eyes The line of the "i" are the tears the 0 is the mouth

i0n1c meaning

A jailbreak developer. Played a major role in the making of the ios4 jailbreak for apple devices. Real name is Steffan Esser. He lives in Germany. He works on the Chronic Dev Team with other hackers like muscle nerd, ih8sn0w, and previously comex. His twitter profile description is "human being" . cureently he is not working on the ios5 untethetred jailbreak.

i0Nic meaning

Noun: Jesus-like being with amazing sexual prowess Verb: To make love like a sex-machine

I1 meaning

The online chat version of "I won" meaning you've won something.

I-10 meaning

the best Interstate in the USA that connects Cali to somewhere in the East; all that I know fa' sho is that it runs through Cali(LA), Arizona, New Mexico, Texas(San Antonio and Houston), Louisiana(Baton Rouge and New Orleans), and etc.

I-10er meaning

Either perfoming a roadie or a roadette while on I-10

i11evn meaning

swagged out korean rapper the master and owner of Rap City!

i124Q meaning

a term oftentimes used as a replacement for "i want to fork you"

i18n meaning

Internationalization. The process of making software adaptable to the requirements of different human languages, local customs, and character string encodings. (There are 18 characters between the first "i" and the last "n".)

i2 meaning

Nerdspeak: i2 = is ("i2" looks similar to "iz", which implies the word "is")