i124Q meaning and definition

i124Q meaning

sms text message i124q = i one two four Q = i want to fuck you. (say it quick for best results).

i124Q meaning

Meaning I want to fuck you. A way to express one's desire for fucking another.Say it out loudly and proudly .

i124Q meaning

If you read each letter and number as they are, you actually say: "I want to fuck you"

i124Q meaning

a term oftentimes used as a replacement for "i want to fork you"

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i18n meaning

Internationalization. The process of making software adaptable to the requirements of different human languages, local customs, and character string encodings. (There are 18 characters between the first "i" and the last "n".)

i2 meaning

Nerdspeak: i2 = is ("i2" looks similar to "iz", which implies the word "is")

I-20 meaning

The interstate stretching all the fsckin way through most parts of Georgia, and an assload of other places too.

I-27 meaning

The crappiest, moset worthless piece of interstate in the USA. Goes 120 freakin miles from Lubbock to Amarillo Texas - it doesn't even leave Texas.

I2A4U meaning

I'm too awesome for you.