i80 meaning and definition

i80 meaning

Freeway IN CALIFORNIA, poongetsmehot!

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i8086 meaning

See flyback, phlyback, darkbread.

i8t meaning

A word Denzel uses as a word to cover any word in the oxford dictionary.

I8tr meaning

A sexual way to eat out

i8u meaning

texting slang meaning "I hate you" because when you say I8U it sort of sounds like I hate you.

i9 meaning

chinese knock off of the iphone

i-90 special meaning

I-90 Special refers to road head, or fellatio performed on someone operating an automobile, specifically while on I-90 in the vicinity of Seattle, WA.The term I-90 Special can also be used in the more general sense to indicate road head on any motorway.

I-95 meaning

To hurry, rush, or speed, as on route I-95 through the DC metro area.

I95 Syndrome meaning

The condition that exists when a driver, after exiting Interstate 95, can not slow down and maintain the posted speed limit. Symptoms include repeated deceleration-acceleration cycles, tickets for speeding on I95 feeder roads, white knuckles and lead foot. The condition manifests itself predominantly in drivers who do not have cruise control and during times of peak traffic volume.

IA meaning

insha'Allah, the Arabic language expression meaning "God willing," is used as a qualifier for all planned future actions to remind the speaker and listener that nobody can positively know what the future will bring, but rather, all depends on the will of God.

IAA meaning

I.A.A - I Am Amused. This acronym allows people to show their amusement via text in three letters with out saying LOL(laugh out loud) as they are generally lying when they say this.