IA meaning and definition

IA meaning

"Insha Allah" which means "If God Wills it or God Willing" in Arabic

IA meaning

I agree, often used amongst bloggers. Short for iawtc or iawtp.

IA meaning

"Iä" is a word used to address eldritch Lovecraftian gods of supreme cosmic evil. Probably the (currently) most common use of this greeting is "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!" Which basically translates to "Hail! Hail! Cthulhu sleeps!" "Iä!" is pronounced thusly: ee-AY! (same phoenetic vowel combination as "eat cake.") This word can also be used to describe something suitably badass, or perhaps evil in a hokey sort of way. It's quite versatile.

IA meaning

A vocaloid who is in her teens her voice source is Lia(Japanese singer) . She sings most of the Kagerou Project by Jin(Shizen No Teki-P)

IA meaning

insha'Allah, the Arabic language expression meaning "God willing," is used as a qualifier for all planned future actions to remind the speaker and listener that nobody can positively know what the future will bring, but rather, all depends on the will of God.

IA meaning

Internal Affairs, a branch of a police force that investigates happenings in the Police. Generally scorned by their comrades and viewed as traitors.

IA meaning

Stands for 'I'm Amazing'Said when you've done something great, or achieved some kind of success. Usually to do with your job.Usually with a sense of self-aware arrogance.see also Y.A. – You're Amazing – a reciprocal to I.A

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IAA meaning

I.A.A - I Am Amused. This acronym allows people to show their amusement via text in three letters with out saying LOL(laugh out loud) as they are generally lying when they say this.

iaadbe meaning

I am a database engineerCoined by Liz Howard in an essay on handling gay marriage in databases

IAAFS meaning

Internet Acronyms Are Fucking Stupid

iaal meaning

I Am Actually Laughing. A strict acronym only to be used when actually laughing out loud, unlike lol.

IAALBNYL meaning

I Am A Lawyer But Not Your Lawyer.

IAALOL meaning

"I am actually laughing out loud"Only to be used in the actual event.....unlike the complete over use of lol, which is now pronounced as a word which is treason.

IAAMM meaning

Acronym for In And Around My Mouth. It is used to describe, usually by a female, a very attractive male. A sort of allusion to oral sex.

Iaana meaning

A very unique name for a unique girl.She has many personalities and her smile is incredible.

iaap meaning

Acronym: if at all possible

IAAPITB meaning

Acronym for "I Am A Pain In The Butt"