iaal meaning and definition

iaal meaning

I Am A Lawyer. Antonym to IANAL

iaal meaning

IAAL is short for the term "It's all about love".It can be used in all situations referring to love. Mainly purposed for the feel that goes around at Electronic Music Festivals and Raves. Where everyone attending is in love with everything around them.Also can be used to describe a person such as a Modern Day Hippy.

iaal meaning

An abbreviation for the phrase: 'I am actually laughing'.

iaal meaning

stands for "I Am Actually Laughing" to replace the overused lol only to be used when you are actually laughing

iaal meaning

I Am Actually Laughing. A strict acronym only to be used when actually laughing out loud, unlike lol.

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IAALBNYL meaning

I Am A Lawyer But Not Your Lawyer.

IAALOL meaning

"I am actually laughing out loud"Only to be used in the actual event.....unlike the complete over use of lol, which is now pronounced as a word which is treason.

IAAMM meaning

Acronym for In And Around My Mouth. It is used to describe, usually by a female, a very attractive male. A sort of allusion to oral sex.

Iaana meaning

A very unique name for a unique girl.She has many personalities and her smile is incredible.

iaap meaning

Acronym: if at all possible

IAAPITB meaning

Acronym for "I Am A Pain In The Butt"

IAAW meaning

Someone who thinks they know everything about a specific game, but are never online. 99% of the time proven wrong when questioned. Hence the meaning: I Am Always Wrong.

iaazomg meaning

I Am A Zombie Oh My God. A random exclamation of disbelief used to generate confusion amongst people unaware of the true meaning of the acronym.

Iababan meaning

An extremly hairy asian pussy

iabb meaning

IABB stands for "Infinity and Beyond, Baby!" This has been taken from the character Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story can be applied to emotional expressions. It can be used in conjunction with love mainly, but could be applied to other emotions like joy, happiness, hate, regret, etc.