IACAS meaning and definition

IACAS meaning

I Almost Cracked A Smile

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IACB meaning

I'm a country boy.

I accept meaning

a phrase used to express acceptance toward a situation (Sarcastic or not) or a phrase used when you can't seem to find the correct word. *could also be used in a negative form

I accept that meaning

Heard in Sons Of Anarchy. Means I can relate to or I can understand that. Also: I might not get it but it is fine by me; you are insulting me but I deserve it so it's ok.

I accept the rules and agreements meaning

The most used lie of the internet.

I accidentally meaning

I accidentallyA phrase to describe when you ruin something beyond repair, or screw up to the point where it is impossible to describe the mistake with a verb.

I Accidentally a Coca-Cola Bottle meaning

I Accidentally a Coca-Cola Bottle What should I do?

Iacco meaning

To play golf and pretend you are drinking but really not drink at all!To stumble around and spill your Beer yet not drink any of it, just so you can beat people who are not good at golf.A lame way to make yourself feel good because you can beat people at golf that are way more drunk and really bad at the sport then you.Someone who thinks Shotgunning a beer means spilling over half of it out when they crack it open, then spilling the other half out laughing about it!!!


'IACDWWIOIML', or"I am currently displeased with what is occurring in my life"is the only alternative to the popular 'fml' phrase seen on the internets (most widely seen on myspace, facebook, and blackfacebook see daily show).Any attempt to use any other phrase or lingo to express disdain for what is occurring in ones life is commonly referred to as 'gay'.

iaceobufophobia meaning

A fear of dead toads.

iacl meaning

MSN slang for I am currently laughing