IAFDA meaning and definition

IAFDA meaning

acronym for I'm A fucking Dumb Ass. I.A.F.D.A

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iafi meaning

im a fucking idiot

iafolla meaning

A furry italian who is self-proclaimed awesome

Iafrate meaning

From Italian : uno dei fratello. One who is like a brother, trustworthy and loyal. Also one of the original brothers. Or to be like a whirlwind phenomenon, all encompassing.

IAFT meaning

It's about fu**ing time

iafu meaning

short for "I always fuck up"

iafw meaning

In a Friend Way

iafwu meaning

i aint fucking with you

Iafwub meaning

I ain't fucking with you bitch

iafyb meaning

i alreadyy fucked your bitch.

iag meaning

An acronym that stands for "It's All Good".