iag meaning and definition

iag meaning

An acronym that stands for "It's All Good".

iag meaning

IAG: It's All Good

iag meaning

An acronym for "it's all good." Commonly used to make peace during a misunderstanding. Also applicable when accepting one's apology. And on occasion, used as sarcasm.

iag meaning

iag meaning

1. Ignorant Anatomical (ass) GuessA number pulled from "thin air or anatomicaly generated (pulled from ones ass)" for the purpose of screwing field personal or stimulating ones personal ego in order to overcome feelings of inadequacy.(Accuracy 0 to 1 percent) A rapid estimate based on a degree rather than any experience at all

iag meaning

iag stands for "in another game"

iag meaning

MJ-Authentication This is similar to the TCP/IP syn response during the setup phases of the 3-way handshake process. This response is specific to MJ-Authentication from the M party. ik and iag are of the mjml protocal standard

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iaga meaning

I ain't gonna answer

iagaf meaning

" I accidently give a fuck" usually caused by receiving some kind of rejection. Due to the high hopes of getting a certain response but their response falls short of expectation you feel slightly offended/rejected for a short duration. Nothing a funny YouTube/comment/food can't fix :)

IAGAFC meaning

"I ain't got a f**king clue."Used in written communication (typically email, SMS) to express uncertainty, confusion or bewilderment - often with an element of frustration. Typically this is a consequence of failure by a third party to provide sufficient information, or total disbelief at how someone could be so completely inept.

IAGBOK meaning

Acronym: Its All Gonna Be O K (okay).

iagf meaning

I am grateful for