iagaf meaning and definition

iagaf meaning

" I accidently give a fuck" usually caused by receiving some kind of rejection. Due to the high hopes of getting a certain response but their response falls short of expectation you feel slightly offended/rejected for a short duration. Nothing a funny YouTube/comment/food can't fix :)

iagaf meaning

I.A.G.A.F. ~ I Actually Give A F!@#.Opposite of IDGAF. Opposing the popular careless statement I Don't Give A F!@$ (which is a dying stupid trend like YOLO)"Your ass is hang'in out your shorts" "IDGAF" "Well, I'm your best friend so I'm gonna tell you cause IAGAF"

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IAGAFC meaning

"I ain't got a f**king clue."Used in written communication (typically email, SMS) to express uncertainty, confusion or bewilderment - often with an element of frustration. Typically this is a consequence of failure by a third party to provide sufficient information, or total disbelief at how someone could be so completely inept.

IAGBOK meaning

Acronym: Its All Gonna Be O K (okay).

iagf meaning

I am grateful for

IAGIDH meaning

Its all good in da hood

IAGL meaning

An acronym standing for I Am Genuinely Laughing. Used to resolve disputes where a party may be accused of laughing sarcastically or just to affirm that one is genuinely laughing. Primarly used in non-face-to-face communication i.e. Texting