J 0 K A meaning and definition

J 0 K A meaning

1: A faggot, that sucks at life, and makes shitty wiggerish definitions for urban dictionary, while simultaneously thumbing his corn hole and playing with his wee-wee.2: Someone that just fails at life, and needs to hang themselves with their hello kitty phone cord, because is is to poor to afford a real cell phone.

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j0 m0m4 meaning

the leet verson of "yo moma", except, LEET.

j0 mama meaning

A wannabe hardcore style of saying "yo mama" typically used on lame "yo mama" jokes.

j0of meaning

A god of Australia, Worshiped by most.

j0r meaning

J0r it's saying your pretyy much

J0rsh meaning

An ass who does not rock in any way.

J1 meaning

an ignorant man who thinks he's a 110% perfect male human being.

J-10 meaning

2 shots ameretto 2 shots vodka 2 shots rum true blue blueberry juice and a lime makes u come for that number one spot

J12 meaning

A ministry based on the "Seven Words of Jesus" at twelve years old... "I must be about my Father's Business." J12, or Jesus |at| Twelve, focues on inspiring kids from 8-12 years of age to have the same attitude of Jesus. J12's motto is "reaching a generation before they need to be rescued."

j-14 meaning

A teen magazine, who realy doesen't care about the music of bands, but their looks. AND always reports about celebrity's lives, and tells you about the latest fashion.