J9 meaning and definition

J9 meaning

a short for the name Janine Ja=J nine=9

J9 meaning

Also short for Jeannine (i mean how many janine's are spelt "Jeannine"?")

J9 meaning

1. short for the name Jeannine

J9 meaning

Sexy girl!! the one and only!! charming!! Beautiful!! Intelligent!!

J9 meaning

Short for Jeannine! Coolest girl ever

J9 meaning

Alternate word to decribe a girl who is overly affection to other girls IE: Lesbian and or Dyke

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j-90 meaning

An "anytime a day" boner.

J-90 Double Popper meaning

Another usage for the word boner. It can be subsituted for any or all related terms. Truthfully, I have absolutely no idea where the hell it came from, but a friend used it once. It has since stuck.

J9k meaning

Just 9000. When something is mediocre, or not like, incredibly amazing.

Ja meaning

German word for "yes."

jaa meaning

Jewish-Asian-Alliance. The alliance between Jewish and Asians in terms of cultural backgrounds and parental upbringings.