Jaaag meaning and definition

Jaaag meaning

A Jaguar car

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Jaaan meaning

1. A nickname for a man named john 2. Can now be used for the 4th person which incorporates everything in human existence.

jaaarwpeeesnoemsee meaning

A place where mexican leprechauns were created. An unknown island in the atlantic ocean

Jaaaydee meaning

also known as JasD. short filipina girl with greaaaat friends, who forms the one&only LunchCrew. & who misses Christian ! but she won't show him this. EVER ! . . . only when he comes back to her =(

Jaab meaning

Any type of mundane employment which makes you unhappy, feeling like you're trapped in an endless routine that leads to nothing; often, pays very little.Essentially, a McJob.Pronounced "Ja-ab" in a southern accent.

Jaack meaning

Verb: To JaackWell-known West Mercian slang, deriving from the acclaimed (but unsuccessful on a larger scale) musician Jack Crowther:To lift and carry a large plastic bin(s), possibly waving it over peoples heads or placing it on tables, in order to clear rubbish in areas deprived of bins.Also: May be associated with the kicking of upturned bins along the floor