Jaakob meaning and definition

Jaakob meaning

a generally amazing guy, who loves life and treats all women with respect and kindness.

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Jaala meaning

A beautiful girl who loves a lot of things and is always changing her style everyday. She has many admirers but doesn't know it because nobody knows how to pronounce her name right. If you have this name you also hold many talents you might not even notice, because your too busy cheering on the people around you.

Jaalah meaning

a sweet, caring girl who is amazing at sports. doesn't give herself enough credit for what she's got. She's always a good friend. has pretty good hand writing. Has a good sense of humour.

Jaalam meaning

Son of Wonderful parents, who he loves and admires dearly. A person people look up to; determined, hard-working, and very handsome. Has much to do but says little, man of hard work that pays off. Talent in music is a +!

Jaalannee meaning

A lovely girl who is very caring, she will do anything to help you out!She is usually 1 in 10,000

Jaalen meaning

A sweet, sensitive, and tender young soul. A person with this characteristic is often gay in nature and likes to toss salad. Likes to put balls in tiny holes.

jaaliyah meaning

The best person in this world that u can ever find they are HOT loyal and smart

Jaalon meaning

A boss kid, with a sexy body and personality. As well as a 12 inch.

JaAm meaning

JaAm is a strange, green liguid contained within a large see-through container thing found in Hawaii. It was popularized by the Transformers character Hot Shot, who no one really cares about. JaAm is said to make whoever eats/drinks it (or whatever you do to it--you're supposed to put it in your belly somehow) go temporarily insane.

jaamal meaning

A man of great character and is known for his outstanding ability to finesse others .

jaame meaning

very unique individual. someone who is conceited, and often stuck on themselves. a jaame likes to minipulate situations until they get what they want, and is very unpleasant to be around if things do not go theyre way. * he or she is often is unconcerned with other peoples feelings. usually not good at accepting love.