j00 is n00b meaning and definition

j00 is n00b meaning

A phrase that sounds like "jewish newb" when spoken fast enough.

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j00k meaning

An internet "1337" speak term for "Are you ok?".

j00lameter meaning

A device used to measure 1337ness

j00lz meaning

hax0r mak000000r

j00 muther meaning

An insult in leet terms for "your mother"/

J00N00b meaning

When a person who is a noob is a jew

j00 phail meaning

j00 phail as in you fail

j00r meaning

Your or You're

j00rab meaning

Hairy ass motherfucker...

j00rbuddy meaning

A member of the clan LCD(Leading Cause of Death). A former Unreal Tournament 2004 player, but now plays Counter Strike Source. Arguably the gayest person on the interweb.

j00r mother meaning

bastard woman from hell in a toilet seawtcvgf tnuymr