j002 meaning and definition

j002 meaning

The 1337 (leet) version of "you" or "you all". The full leet version is "_|002". May also be spelled as "j00z".

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j00b meaning

A cross between a j00 and a n00b. Applies to an online game player, or any other person, that steals money or items of value and behaves like a 3 year old.

j00basaurus meaning

1.The ancient ancestor of j00b.

j00bz meaning

the man boobs of josh farro, who is the guitarist of paramore.

j00 F4G meaning

You faggot! An implication of homosexuality.

j00g0tpwnt meaning

j00g0tpwnt is dervived from several online gaming words, when refering to complete domination of ones account or character. It is more severe than getting owned, pwn'd or pwnt.