j0of meaning and definition

j0of meaning

A god of Australia, Worshiped by most.

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j0r meaning

J0r it's saying your pretyy much

J0rsh meaning

An ass who does not rock in any way.

J1 meaning

an ignorant man who thinks he's a 110% perfect male human being.

J-10 meaning

2 shots ameretto 2 shots vodka 2 shots rum true blue blueberry juice and a lime makes u come for that number one spot

J12 meaning

A ministry based on the "Seven Words of Jesus" at twelve years old... "I must be about my Father's Business." J12, or Jesus |at| Twelve, focues on inspiring kids from 8-12 years of age to have the same attitude of Jesus. J12's motto is "reaching a generation before they need to be rescued."