j4l drunk meaning and definition

j4l drunk meaning

when you get so drunk that you get with a 400-pound beast, it's like wearing 3 beer goggles

j4l drunk meaning

j4l drunk is when you get so drunk at a party that you pass out in a stall for approximately two hours while no one at the party has any idea where you are, and you get discovered by one of the guys on your floor lying in a bathroom stall, where you claim "dude, i was throwing up, and then i took a nap in the stall for a little, then i threw up again, and then a nap, and so on"

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j4u meaning

Just for you.

J4U2NO meaning

just for you to know

J5 meaning

J5 also is a shorter way to call someone a Junkie. because there is the J, and the 5 is for the remaining letters of the word Junkie.

J6P meaning

Acronym for "Joe 6-Pack" meaning an average American person.

j73 meaning

total poser oakland a's fan who thinks that mark mackgwire is the greatest baseball player of all time