JAAAAAAAAARS meaning and definition


a pirate known for his seemingly strange accent and appreciation for CARS. likes mufflers!!! Will randomly say AAAAARRRR!!!, which his ...psychologists still cannot understand. All in all, a very strange and funny piiiiirraaaateee!!!

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Jaaaaaaaack meaning

Jaaaaaaaack is used when you are on bluetooth in a public place. Generaly you tend to keep quiet and silently giggle as some 'certain names' but when you suddenly shout out a name it is called: Jaaaaaaaack

Jaaaaake meaning

another definition for fag or douche

jaaack meaning

The use of "jaaack" implies that someone disagrees or is against a certain remark or written response. "Jaaack" can be replaced for the word 'fuuuck' when the term is used properly. "Jaaack" can have as many "a's" as you desire, as long as it has more than 2.

Jaaag meaning

A Jaguar car

Jaaan meaning

1. A nickname for a man named john 2. Can now be used for the 4th person which incorporates everything in human existence.