Jaaaaaaaack meaning and definition

Jaaaaaaaack meaning

Jaaaaaaaack is used when you are on bluetooth in a public place. Generaly you tend to keep quiet and silently giggle as some 'certain names' but when you suddenly shout out a name it is called: Jaaaaaaaack

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Jaaaaake meaning

another definition for fag or douche

jaaack meaning

The use of "jaaack" implies that someone disagrees or is against a certain remark or written response. "Jaaack" can be replaced for the word 'fuuuck' when the term is used properly. "Jaaack" can have as many "a's" as you desire, as long as it has more than 2.

Jaaag meaning

A Jaguar car

Jaaan meaning

1. A nickname for a man named john 2. Can now be used for the 4th person which incorporates everything in human existence.

jaaarwpeeesnoemsee meaning

A place where mexican leprechauns were created. An unknown island in the atlantic ocean

Jaaaydee meaning

also known as JasD. short filipina girl with greaaaat friends, who forms the one&only LunchCrew. & who misses Christian ! but she won't show him this. EVER ! . . . only when he comes back to her =(

Jaab meaning

Any type of mundane employment which makes you unhappy, feeling like you're trapped in an endless routine that leads to nothing; often, pays very little.Essentially, a McJob.Pronounced "Ja-ab" in a southern accent.

Jaack meaning

Verb: To JaackWell-known West Mercian slang, deriving from the acclaimed (but unsuccessful on a larger scale) musician Jack Crowther:To lift and carry a large plastic bin(s), possibly waving it over peoples heads or placing it on tables, in order to clear rubbish in areas deprived of bins.Also: May be associated with the kicking of upturned bins along the floor

Jaackbitch meaning

A cute, Confident, pink haired blogger, fucking bitches and getting money is his prerogative.

Jaack Maate meaning

The most fricking amazing YouTuber ever. He blogs regularly about anything and everything telling viewers his opinions and ripping the shit out of things that annoy him. Every video his viewers go on "A jaackmaate journey" as he discusses the topic of his choice. The 19 year old boy is extremely honest and is truly fucking hilarious.