Jaab meaning and definition

Jaab meaning

Any type of mundane employment which makes you unhappy, feeling like you're trapped in an endless routine that leads to nothing; often, pays very little.Essentially, a McJob.Pronounced "Ja-ab" in a southern accent.

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Jaack meaning

Verb: To JaackWell-known West Mercian slang, deriving from the acclaimed (but unsuccessful on a larger scale) musician Jack Crowther:To lift and carry a large plastic bin(s), possibly waving it over peoples heads or placing it on tables, in order to clear rubbish in areas deprived of bins.Also: May be associated with the kicking of upturned bins along the floor

Jaackbitch meaning

A cute, Confident, pink haired blogger, fucking bitches and getting money is his prerogative.

Jaack Maate meaning

The most fricking amazing YouTuber ever. He blogs regularly about anything and everything telling viewers his opinions and ripping the shit out of things that annoy him. Every video his viewers go on "A jaackmaate journey" as he discusses the topic of his choice. The 19 year old boy is extremely honest and is truly fucking hilarious.

jaad meaning

Jaad is the name of a being with nigh omnipotence. Jaad is a Deity and a God among men. You are all lesser than Jaad.

Jaade meaning

A girl with a lot of swag and spunk. She has perfect teeth, and a killer body. She isn't "afraid to get down from time to time", and tells people how it is.

jaadie meaning

Someone who is usually good at (a) sport(s), fun to be around 'Example: funny dances,rubbing at unknown moments,etc.', cute, loyal to everyone from friends to girlfriend,mainly likes people with a loud voice and weird personality.Along with that a quiet and restrained side.

Jaadu meaning

Some magic up in this bitch

jaaez meaning

pronounced jay-ezj meaning: 1.) thats kool 2.) thats true

Jaaf meaning

Just actin a fool. To be foolish, funny, outrageous.You can be Jaafin, a Jaafer

jaafar meaning

The single most popular motherfucker in existence. Elvis Presley popular...Matt; dude You're so fucking popular you won prom kingJaafar; you don't even know the half of it man, I had sex with the entire cheerleaders team