jaadie meaning and definition

jaadie meaning

Someone who is usually good at (a) sport(s), fun to be around 'Example: funny dances,rubbing at unknown moments,etc.', cute, loyal to everyone from friends to girlfriend,mainly likes people with a loud voice and weird personality.Along with that a quiet and restrained side.

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Jaadu meaning

Some magic up in this bitch

jaaez meaning

pronounced jay-ezj meaning: 1.) thats kool 2.) thats true

Jaaf meaning

Just actin a fool. To be foolish, funny, outrageous.You can be Jaafin, a Jaafer

jaafar meaning

The single most popular motherfucker in existence. Elvis Presley popular...Matt; dude You're so fucking popular you won prom kingJaafar; you don't even know the half of it man, I had sex with the entire cheerleaders team

Jaafar Jackson meaning

He's the teenage son of Jackson 5 bassist Jermaine Jackson and Colombian hoe Alejandra Oaziaza. He's uber sexy and gets just as much attention from the teenage girls as his cousin Prince Jackson. He does karate and bought a stun gun online with a credit card. The boy is bad. He's also a model so you know he's fit. And it is Jaafar not Jaffar. Learn it.