Kaan meaning and definition

Kaan meaning

1. origin: from Mongolian title "khan" designated for rulers of the nomadic nation i.e. Ghengis Khan, one of the greatest Mongolian leaders who led his people to conquer nearly all of Asia and East Europe 2. a crazy mofo known primarily for his God-given abundance of hair which is sometimes referred to as a bird's nest and his erratic, insane behaviour such as riding trolleys down half-pipes. 3. someone who does crazy stunts that no one else would do without payment.

Kaan meaning

Kaan is turkish version of Khan. Kaan is defined as "Empire" in detail explains great leadership and great power.

Kaan meaning

Kaan is also known as the strongest person in the world. Synoms to Kaan is: strong, tett and handsome. You can use the word "kaan" when you talk about something big or massive.

Kaan meaning

Polite address of an esteemed Muslim gentleman. (equivalent of Sir in English)

Kaan meaning

A small, turkish man with retarded characteristics

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Kaanchod meaning

Fucking the ear drums of another person by speaking too much nonsense and not stopping.

kaanduzel meaning

to be dooped beyond a point of no return.

kaanju meaning

A Gay, but always a bottom during the intercourse. He is always a receptor. He is the one being penetrated in Anus by his partner.

kaan surucu meaning

A sexy fucking beast, is extremely attractive some might say he is irresistible. An alpha male with a ripped body and a massive cock.

kaant meaning

A version of the word cunt as spoken by Australian men with mullets. Usually used in conjunction with a threat of violence.