k0 meaning and definition

k0 meaning

The leet or 1337 way of saying K.O(knockout). A particularly kool player uses the term k0 instead of the regular K.O when reffering to someone getting killed, usually in an MMORPG game.

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k00k meaning

A goddamn, no good, whipped motherfucker who is about to tie the knot and be drawn into a life free of drugs/alcohol/sex yet remains oblivious to the whole thing. See also: denial

k00l meaning

Cool a word for up to date and popular

K04Madness meaning

Trust-fund baby who has been given everything he wants, resulting in a complete disconnect from reality.

k0k meaning

(n.) Alternate spelling (specifically in 1337 sp34k (or l33tsp33k) for the word cock.

k0kkb-I-0kkx0rz meaning

To block one's cock.