k8 meaning and definition

k8 meaning

a short form for the word KATE

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k80 meaning

a.excessive tease, usually leaving devastating effects b. terrible swim lessons instructor

K800 meaning

Superb play of the Valve game Half Life 2 and its mods, mainly Counter Strike : Source.

K82 meaning

Is a Street Clothing Line worn by Hustlers and Hip-Hop and Rap Stars.

k8e meaning

A blonde, Australian female (originating mainly from regional Victoria) k8e's (or k to da 8-e as they are commonly known) can be found migrating themselves further north preferring a warmer climate. The k8e is well known for sporting a well defined derriere booty and have a penchant for 2 litre cask wine and novelty t-shirts.

k8r meaning

One who hates on Ketchup (most likely anyone who lives in the greater Chicago area)