k9b meaning and definition

k9b meaning

Norwegian and means "knib", which means "hug" in english.

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K-9 cock block meaning

an act impairing, or preventing ones ability to have sex with, or hook up with another person because of that persons overly possessive dog.

K9 Connection meaning

people who engage in sexual encounters with canines (e.g. dogs). a form of bestiality

K9ing meaning

Apparently means that you have though of engaging in some sort of sexual activity with a family member by accident.

K-9 Krunch meaning

When you bite a persons nipple with your K-9 teeth.

K9P meaning

A humourous science joke meaning Canine Pee or K-9 Pee. K9 = 9 Potassium Atoms, P = Phosphorous Atom