ka24de meaning and definition

ka24de meaning

Stock Nissan USA engine mostly used in the 240sx. KA = model, 24 = 2.4 liter, D = Double Over Head Cam, E = Electronic Fuel Injection.

ka24de meaning

1. An absolutely magnificent and superior piece of machinery manufactured by Nissan USA. Heads and shoulders above its lame JDM counterparts *cough* SR20 *cough* with limitless power potential, and superior tuning ability. Motor for true tuners and Nissanaholics who don't chose to bitch out.

ka24de meaning

1. a 2.4ltr, 4 cylinder, fuel-injected, dual overhead cammed engine, manufactured by NISSAN motor company between the years 1991 and 1999. it was put in numerous models of the nissan lineup and was known for its strong iron block. it was produced for the American and Canadian domestic markets. 2. also known to spin rod bearings 3. rarely, but done, turboed by insane, nissanoholics. 4. came in two flavors, 1991-1993 and 1993-1999. also put in automatic, manual, FWD, and RWD setups.

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ka24det meaning

Unofficial moniker for a ka24de engine, that has been modified by adding a turbocharger and its necessary accessory components. This has become more popular over the past few years with Nissan enthusiasts as the interest in import cars and performance tuning has continued to rise. The original ka24de engine is a 2.4 liter, dual overhead cam, iron block engine, and was used in the 00–04 Xterra base XE, 98 Frontier, 93-2001 Altima, and 91-98 Nissan 240SX. The 240sx is a popular RWD vehicle in the drift racing circuit and well-known within the tuning world. Unfortunately, the naturally aspirated ka24de engine has a somewhat bad rap as a "truck engine", and in its stock form, only puts out 155 hp/160 ft. lbs of torque. Therefore, many of decided to perform an engine swap in favor of a sr20det

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