KaAaAaAy meaning and definition

KaAaAaAy meaning

Can be used in a number of ways :1. Used as 'Okay',2. Used as another way of saying 'Riiiiiiiiiiight..' ,3. Used as a looooooooooooong way of saying 'K' ,4. Used To make people feel stupid :p .

KaAaAaAy meaning

A term used to express an exaggerated form of the sayings: "holy", "too rank", "PfFfFf" etc.

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KAAAGM meaning

the first 5 letters of brothers and sisters of the basement playing Guitar Hero 3. they rocked hard. :) they cannot be separated nor broken apart. they are brothers 'til the end of time, together or not you're always in my heart! - the bird man from american idol


Is an orgasm recieved from a blowjob when you have never gotten on orgasm from a blow job before

Kaaba meaning

The worlds biggest mosh pit. Also a sacred place in Islam.

kaaboom meaning

1) An exaggeration of a BOOM. 2) An (excellent) Atari game from 1981 3) As a cleaner, it clears out most attacking foe in electronic games. IE: Call of Duty 1,2,3, Black Ops I & II, Battlefield, 2,3,4; Halo 2,3,4, etc..

Kaack meaning

Cock; Dick; Penis