KAAAPLAAACKA meaning and definition


Is an orgasm recieved from a blowjob when you have never gotten on orgasm from a blow job before

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Kaaba meaning

The worlds biggest mosh pit. Also a sacred place in Islam.

kaaboom meaning

1) An exaggeration of a BOOM. 2) An (excellent) Atari game from 1981 3) As a cleaner, it clears out most attacking foe in electronic games. IE: Call of Duty 1,2,3, Black Ops I & II, Battlefield, 2,3,4; Halo 2,3,4, etc..

Kaack meaning

Cock; Dick; Penis

Kaafe meaning

An adjective used to describe something undesirable.

KAAG meaning

Kawaii Anime Asian Girl - Common term to followers of Dagism, it usually refers to a highly attractive asian member of the female gender, usually Japanese, who has an interest in Japanese animation, or anime. These women are also highly difficult to obtain, due to elitist tendancies.