L2Grammar meaning and definition

L2Grammar meaning

An ironical statement used when people have bad grammar.

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L2H meaning

Laughing to Hard

L2K meaning

Listen to KLIK ... KLIK is alternative Rock band that was voted Rolling Stone Magazine's Number 1 unsigned band in america. They trademarked the phrase "Listen to KLIK"Fans and followers end there twitter posts with "L2K"

L2L meaning

clan of crazy gangstas =X

l2l2 meaning

Meaning learn2learn2 and often used in exchange for l2play or l2english, l2l2 is for the more extreme hater. The hater that hates so much, he doesn't need people to understand what he says.

l2l2lu meaning

1. Literal def: Love to love to love you. (an excited exageration of love or excess physical attraction expressed between dudes and chix's) 1a. A quick and short assed way of saying "I love to love to love you". 1b. aka the chat/or song style: Luv 2 luv 2 luv ya. Populated primarily by artist Timberland in favor of his favorite tort,Miss E misdemeanor Elliot.

l2lol meaning

Short for "love to laugh out loud."

L2LY meaning

Love To Love You

L2MS meaning

laughing to myself....started by dwyane wade of the miami heat on twitter!!!

L2N meaning

Learn to no. Basically a come back.

l2p meaning

Learn to play, most commonly used by people who spend their whole lives on mmorpg's.