L2pk meaning and definition

L2pk meaning

Often used in games which feature a player vs. Player server. Meaning "Learn to player kill"

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L2PK IRL meaning

see l2pk and irlcombining these two words gives the meaning : learn to player kill in real life ,meaning : learn to kill people .can also be said as L2KP - learn to kill people

l2play meaning

Stands for "Learn To Play." It is shorthand used in gaming and has spilled over into internet chat rooms and forums. Any noun can follow "l2play" in order to insult the one being spoken to, e.g. "L2Play Politics" in order to insult presidential candidates.

l2pnoob meaning

meaning "learn to play noob"

l2prl meaning

Learn to play real life. An expression addressed to gamers that are bad at a particular thing in real life.

l2r meaning

A way of telling someone that he needs to 'Learn to read'