Lakewood Highschool meaning and definition

Lakewood Highschool meaning

One of the coolest highschools in America. It's in Lakewood, Ohio though, so there are alot of gays, but other than that its awesome. It sports purple and gold as it's colors, and the mascot is the Ranger Man. There are many different types of people here: emos, wiggers, preps, you name it, LHS has it. Most of the teachers are awesome, except for Mrs Gabriel, she is hated by everyone. Theres alot of stoners, and alot of em smoke in the lunchroom. In this school you only get a detention for that. A DETENTION. FOR DRUGS. It's also the place where the girls are either totally prude or so slutty they get gang-banged every day (they're mostly slutty though). Alot of the girls are very beautifull and will most likely become models (or pornstars for the slutty ones). We also have ALOT of ghetto kids, where the middle and upper class kids are kind of rare. Most of our sports teams are pretty bad, but the band is really good, they even performed at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. It's also the one school you can go to and actually have fun.

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Lakewood Lancer meaning

Any graduate of Lakewood High School in Lakewood, California.

Lakewood Level Wasted meaning

Getting overly drunk and overly high to a point only Lakewood graduates can obtain.

Lakewood, Ohio meaning

Lakewood, about seven miles west of Cleveland (a city that may appear beautiful but is really ghetto and ugly and cold in winter and hot as fuck in summer), is a rather large, and very shitty, city. It is located on Lake Erie but has no beaches availabe to the public. There is nothing to do, and there are many areas in Lakewood where you would not feel comfortable walking at any time. Perverted men scream at you from their car window and you may be forced to hide on adjacent street corners from said men. The schools are very overrated. It may be the worst place in America to raise your kids (even though some delusional person said it was the best).

Lakewood Police meaning

The police department of Lakewood Ohio. Lakewood Ohio is a dense suburb in North East Ohio bordering Cleveland. It has a high population of extremist liberals, hipsters, and ghetto trash. Just like the legislation in Lakewood, like the pit bull ban for example, the police are equally idiotic. The Lakewood police are notorious for being typical pigs. They see themselves as a level above citizens, even though they are just citizens themselves, and talk to you as if you are a peasant. Before Lakewood started having large influxes of low income and or unemployed minorities moving in from Cleveland, the police used to openly discriminate against any minorities through brutality and profiling. The Lakewood police will pull up and stop you for crossing in a crosswalk if the light changed and you were still on the road, even if it was literally two more steps to the sidewalk. They will also trespass on your property for lighting a couple firecrackers, during the middle of the day, on the day before the 4th of July and threaten to ticket you and confiscate your fireworks. Those were just two examples of how Lakewood police officers are typical, useless, fart sniffing, arrogant cops.

lakewood ranch meaning

a school full of std-ridden kids that like to get messed up on drugs all the time