l00b meaning and definition

l00b meaning

Unrelated to the word 'n00b' which is pathetic. l00b is a joyous word which can be used and/or applied to anybody but belongs only to the special ones. Can be extended to l00bed/l00bricated/l00brication on special occasions. Can also be used in the traditional sense of it's cousin word 'lube'. Altho using the word 'lube' immiediately bans you from using the word 'l00b' and makes you a 'l00b for life'.

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l00b3r meaning

Hot, Sexy, and has the biggest e-penis known to man and woman

l00der meaning

Someone who can't use proper English on a chat or message board.

l00t meaning

with "0"s, not "o"s, it's l33t. And l00t is therefore useful and/or valuable and/or interesting hacked information of some kind, or a good weapon/powerup in a game.

l00tage meaning

What you get when you raid and pillage someone's base (after raping the women)

l00z00rs meaning

13337 5p34|< |=0|2 0|\|3 7#47 10535 elite speak for one that loses

L05 meaning

A paraniod believer in the Universal Theory addicted to postiong his eccentricities on Urban Dictionary.

L053R meaning

If you play any video game over the Internet, a Local Area Network (LAN), or any other way involving multiplayer functionality, you should use this name... L053R. That is spelled with a capital L, a zero, a five, a three, and an R. It strikes fear in the hearts of your opponents particularly when you hump their dead corpse and your name is rising up and own over their cresty, mutilated body. Use this title particularly if you play Halo, Halo 2, or any of the Unreal Tournament games. Now, you can use this in other video games, but it's not as good as when you use it in a futuristic first person shooter game.

l0l meaning

An alternate saying of lol.

L0l0l0l0l0l meaning

A term used commonly in RuneScape as extreme douchebaggery to mock your opponents misery.Often used after a lulzy pk has been made.

l0lz meaning

another version of lol, but to mock people who actually use that word.