l00b3r meaning and definition

l00b3r meaning

l33+ speak for the word loser

l00b3r meaning

cock smoker

l00b3r meaning

Hot, Sexy, and has the biggest e-penis known to man and woman

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l00der meaning

Someone who can't use proper English on a chat or message board.

l00t meaning

with "0"s, not "o"s, it's l33t. And l00t is therefore useful and/or valuable and/or interesting hacked information of some kind, or a good weapon/powerup in a game.

l00tage meaning

What you get when you raid and pillage someone's base (after raping the women)

l00z00rs meaning

13337 5p34|< |=0|2 0|\|3 7#47 10535 elite speak for one that loses

L05 meaning

A paraniod believer in the Universal Theory addicted to postiong his eccentricities on Urban Dictionary.