l2 meaning and definition

l2 meaning

A common prefix to verbs meaning "learn to.." often followed by some form of noob.

l2 meaning

L2 is a term used in a phrase before any noun. It stands for "Learn To" and is deliberately improper grammar in 1337SPEAK fashion. L2 (Noun) is used as an insult, telling someone to attain a certain skill or learn to properly use a specified noun.

l2 meaning

An acronym stand for "Learn to"

l2 meaning

In the world of Escorts and Spa/Studios, L2 is also known as Level 2, or a blow job. (See L1, L3)

l2 meaning

13375l*34l< (leet-speak) for "r".

l2 meaning

An internet slang term pioneered by the runescape clan "team elves"

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L2A meaning

Used in mainly text messaging or instant messaging meaning: Love 2 All

L2AIMKTHX meaning

Learn To use AOL Instant Messenger. Okay? Thanks.

l2b meaning

learn 2 blow (blow job)

L2BFB meaning

acronymn for "man I'd like 2 be fucked by"...a gay man's expression of praise for another gay man's potential as a fuck buddy

l2c meaning

Learn to comprehend. Used when someone misunderstands or simply can't understand things that are either simple enough to understand or are explained thoroughly. It can also be applied to cases where people refuse to understand or believe statements.

l2chill meaning

Learn to chill. As in chill out, relax, calm down, stop freaking out on me.

L2CtS meaning

Live to see the stars

L2D meaning

Love To Deficate, or love to poop

L2DRIVE meaning

Love to drive

l2e meaning

An ironic abbreviation for "learn to English," told to someone who just demonstrated a lack of correct spelling/grammar.