l2pnoob meaning and definition

l2pnoob meaning

meaning "learn to play noob"

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l2prl meaning

Learn to play real life. An expression addressed to gamers that are bad at a particular thing in real life.

l2r meaning

A way of telling someone that he needs to 'Learn to read'

l2read meaning

Learn To Read - Forum expression usually used when the above poster misses several important or crucial points in the post he or she is replying to.

l2s meaning

Means "learn to speak"

l2speel meaning

"Learn to Spell" with a little extra irony and/or trolling mixed in. Used when you feel like being a funny troll, correcting someone else's errors while intentionally making your own.

l2spell meaning

it means Learn to Spell

L2T meaning

Learn to type. Used out of frustration (usually in onling gaming) when reading someone's horribly typed chat text.

l2tank meaning

The phrase spoken to a tank in a role playing game when they're terribad at tanking.Short for learn to tank.Can also be used in various other exaples, such as l2heal, l2shut up and l2grammar.

l2torrent meaning

Internet shorthand for "learn to torrent" What you tell your noobcake friends when they ask you how you get shit free off the interweb.

L2 Type meaning

Means Learn To Type