l33t sauce meaning and definition

l33t sauce meaning

meaning is much like l33t -awesome -cool just twisted

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l33tscoping meaning

Someone in MW2 that thinks they're awesome just because they can quickscope. Truly they're just a bunch of 35 year old morbidly obese virgins who live in their mom's basement and eating KFC and McDonalds everyday. They also are a bunch of no-lifers that swear and complain violently when killed and brag when they get a kill. Homophobic racists. The smart person can only hear this from them: FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCKS WHILE I FUCK YOUR MOM YOU FUCKING FUCKTARDS. And truly that's all they say.And NTM YOU FUCKIN TRYHARDS.

l33t sk33t meaning

to sperm supremly or own somone in the face with sperm

L33tsnauzer meaning

A runescape player/video director. She loves to scissor you randomly thus scaring the living shit out of you.

l33t snax0r meaning

A true 1337 sn4x0r is a case of bawls bawls a large pepperoni pizza and a tin of penguin mints

l33tsp33k meaning

A way of writing using symbols/numbers for words. Used online in various quake like games comes from "elite"

l33t sp34k meaning

retard speech coined by fags who slept through their English classes.

l33tspeak meaning

4 |3 C |) 3 F G |-| ] j |< 1 /\/\ |\| 0 |D Q |2 5 7 |_| \/ \/\/ >< Y Z

l33tster meaning

Like a hipster, someone who thinks they're really cool and better than everyone else by trying really hard to be different possibly through unconventional means. They think of themselves as being l33t.

l33t supa h4x0r meaning

l33t is internet slang for "Elite", supa is shortened from "Super" and h4x0r is again internet speak for "Hacker" so you end up with Elite Super Hacker which is a person who is really good at hacking (consult dictionary for definition of hacking) l33t supa h4x0r is actually a cheat in a game called Age Of Mythology which allows unit production, building and peasant gathering to speed up immensly

l33t w00t meaning

L33t w00t's what you say when you're pretty pissed off.