L33tsnauzer meaning and definition

L33tsnauzer meaning

A runescape player/video director. She loves to scissor you randomly thus scaring the living shit out of you.

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l33t snax0r meaning

A true 1337 sn4x0r is a case of bawls bawls a large pepperoni pizza and a tin of penguin mints

l33tsp33k meaning

A way of writing using symbols/numbers for words. Used online in various quake like games comes from "elite"

l33t sp34k meaning

retard speech coined by fags who slept through their English classes.

l33tspeak meaning

4 |3 C |) 3 F G |-| ] j |< 1 /\/\ |\| 0 |D Q |2 5 7 |_| \/ \/\/ >< Y Z

l33tster meaning

Like a hipster, someone who thinks they're really cool and better than everyone else by trying really hard to be different possibly through unconventional means. They think of themselves as being l33t.