M16A2 meaning and definition

M16A2 meaning

Noun-Eugene Stohner's pride n' joy... the M16A2 is a later version of the M16A1, the M16A2 is slighty more reliable than the A1, another notable difference is the firing modes... A1 goes on full-auto, while the A2 is limited to 3-round-burst, this is because in the Vietnam conflict soldier's would needlessly waste thousands of rounds, because of the thought that Charlie may be hiding anywhere... and the ratio of rounds to kills was about 1,000 rounds for one kill.

M16A2 meaning

The most widely known rifle in the world(next to the Kalashnikov AK47), the M16A2 is not fully automatic, but fires in three round bursts that are perfect for clearing rooms or long range attacks.

M16A2 meaning

one of the best standard issue assualt rifle in world... you just need to keep it clean.

M16A2 meaning

A good weapon system, but a weak round. Doesn't have enough stopping power due to the small projectile.

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M16A4 meaning

The most bitched about weapon in Call of Duty 4. M16+Red Dot Sight+Stopping Power=The bane of COD4 fanboys and the main setup of losers.

M16 Dance meaning

The dance where you re-enact equipping the M16 on the popular video game Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare whilst kicking your back foot against the floor shouting BING BNG BING

M16ed meaning

getting killed or killing some one with an M16, usually playing Call of Duty 4, or another game

M16-Whore meaning

An individual in either Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who only uses the M16A4, in essence whoring themselves out. Typically, this weapon is used in conjunction with stopping power, capitalizing on the amount of whoreness they display. When encountered and killed, it is customary to teabag their body while saying "ja-bar-bar" in a Soulja Boy fashion.

M17 meaning

A word used to describe a person with infinite sexyness. A person with M17 will go for hours - and won't care if it's with a boy or a girl