M357 meaning and definition

M357 meaning

Perscription drug generic for Vicodin 5/500, contains 5 mg of hydrocodone and 500 mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol). "M357" is engraved on the pill.

M357 meaning

hydrocodone;the number inscription on hydrocodone

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m358 meaning

Hydrocodone with acetaminophin. This is an intense painkiller similar to codeine. and vicodin

M360 meaning

A M360 is a hydrocodone 7.5 plain and simple it is white and a pretty common pill it had M360 inscripted on it they run for 3-4 per pill it is the same as a watson 385 witch is a 7.5 too

M374L meaning

the 1337 (leet) form of the word, metal.

m39 meaning

Variety of marijuana. Mature in 39 days. AKA Quebec Gold

m3atball meaning

An fw of the SteamPowered forums. Attempted to poison everybody with the "Chocolate Mayo Cake" but the ideologogy backfired when it was found out to not be poisonous and taste nice. Also one bitch of a CS player.