M360 meaning and definition

M360 meaning

A M360 is a hydrocodone 7.5 plain and simple it is white and a pretty common pill it had M360 inscripted on it they run for 3-4 per pill it is the same as a watson 385 witch is a 7.5 too

M360 meaning

Commonly known as Vicodin ES. The pill is a combination of 7.5mg Hydrocodone (a semi-synthetic narcotic pain reliever) and 750mg of APAP (Tylenol). It is manufactured by Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals who also produces the common Hydrocodone/APAP combination pills M357. M353 etc.

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M374L meaning

the 1337 (leet) form of the word, metal.

m39 meaning

Variety of marijuana. Mature in 39 days. AKA Quebec Gold

m3atball meaning

An fw of the SteamPowered forums. Attempted to poison everybody with the "Chocolate Mayo Cake" but the ideologogy backfired when it was found out to not be poisonous and taste nice. Also one bitch of a CS player.

m3d meaning


m3 driver meaning

Someone who loves the smell of their own farts, is inconsiderate on the Interstate, local highways, and even parking lots, and believes themselves to possess superior vehicular control skills, as evidenced by their uncanny ability to back into stationary objects.