M meaning and definition

M meaning

Slang for the drug 'mentos'. Highly addictive and is usually taken as a social drug, and breath freshener.

M meaning

Short for MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

M meaning

1.Short for La M or eme. 2.The Mexican Mafia.

M meaning

the ESRB rating that stands for Mature, 17+. It basically means it has lots of violence or sex and stuff, and that stores are supposed to check id's when selling the game (unfortunatley, they actually do)

M meaning

The elusive place known mostly as the M, M, or GenMay

M meaning

The 13th letter of the alphabet. Used widely in online games to reduce the amount of zeros in online currency . The "m" is used after a number to represent that number in the millions. Anything under one million is represented with k after the number.

M meaning

When texting or instant messaging it's used as a response to something awkward.

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M0 meaning

Nickname given mostly to a cool-headed male who never loses his cool or patience. This person can be relied on at anytime, and is willing to help out or give advice when needed. The M stands for mad, and the zero standing for how often he/she gets angered. This person has often showed no signs of cracking under pressure, and always making the call he/she believes to best fit the situation.

m00 meaning

m00 was a trigger bot on the ukdnb Direct Connect hub that chastised anyone who said the word "garage" in main chat.

m00b meaning

1. A n00b that is obsessed with Moby. 2. A n00b that looks like and impersonates Moby.

m00c0w meaning

OMFG m00c0w Iz GoDD!!1!11!! LMAO WTFLOL!!!1!

m00ey meaning

Extened version of m00. Is used commonly on the internet and by a few select sad people in real life as a greeting, more than anything else.

m00f meaning

A m00f is a word made up by me and some other people on Neopets.com (Petpetnip didn't make it up, although he was there when it was made up... I made up "moof" and then someone else added the zeroes) and it was made as a substitute word for "n00b", which sounds too much like it meant "newbie". Basically it means an idiot, or someone who is very annoying.

m00fin meaning

1337 for 'muffin'. m00fins can also sometimes be associated with muffin or muffin like pastries which plan to take over the world.

m00finator meaning

1. a derogitory term for one who eats muffins (sexual) 2. one who prevents m00fins from take over. see m00fin

m00g meaning

A shortened form of the nick-name M00gen. M00gen is a nick-name given to someone with the name Megan. (The vowels are substituted for double 00's) M00g is an affectionate name. They are usually extremely loveable, very sweet, and great to be around.

m00ged meaning

When a gamer has been banned from a server for no other reason than that another player constantly whines, moans and complains about them and eventually has them banned