M meaning and definition

M meaning

Slang for the drug 'mentos'. Highly addictive and is usually taken as a social drug, and breath freshener.

M meaning

Short for MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

M meaning

1.Short for La M or eme. 2.The Mexican Mafia.

M meaning

the ESRB rating that stands for Mature, 17+. It basically means it has lots of violence or sex and stuff, and that stores are supposed to check id's when selling the game (unfortunatley, they actually do)

M meaning

The elusive place known mostly as the M, M, or GenMay

M meaning

The 13th letter of the alphabet. Used widely in online games to reduce the amount of zeros in online currency . The "m" is used after a number to represent that number in the millions. Anything under one million is represented with k after the number.

M meaning

When texting or instant messaging it's used as a response to something awkward.

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M0 meaning

Nickname given mostly to a cool-headed male who never loses his cool or patience. This person can be relied on at anytime, and is willing to help out or give advice when needed. The M stands for mad, and the zero standing for how often he/she gets angered. This person has often showed no signs of cracking under pressure, and always making the call he/she believes to best fit the situation.

m00 meaning

m00 was a trigger bot on the ukdnb Direct Connect hub that chastised anyone who said the word "garage" in main chat.

m00b meaning

1. A n00b that is obsessed with Moby. 2. A n00b that looks like and impersonates Moby.

m00c0w meaning

OMFG m00c0w Iz GoDD!!1!11!! LMAO WTFLOL!!!1!

m00ey meaning

Extened version of m00. Is used commonly on the internet and by a few select sad people in real life as a greeting, more than anything else.