m00nfrube meaning and definition

m00nfrube meaning

A group of teenage girls that begun with the duo, Casey and Theresa. This group creates all sorts of movies for the internet, upgrading their equipment as much as they can to make the quality of the movie even better. m00nfrube is the generation movie makers that are right behind smosh duo of Anthony and Ian.

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m00ny meaning

A psuedo-personality one tranforms into when feeling sxually frustrated whereby one uses low intensity low risk, high result, usually internet, courting methods to scare or pick-up a partner, predominantly a male trait.

m00on meaning

Like photons make up light, m00ons make up cows. A cow is not "matter" in the conventional sense but, rather, a collection of m00ons. Bet ya didn't know that :p The whole eating grass thing is a front, cows know that if humans found out they really use a simple form of nuclear fusion they would all be experimented on (rather than say, killed and eaten) The byproducts of the reaction going on inside the cow are "milk" and "shit" Cows eat grass but secretly throw it up at night. Grass does not taste good. Thou shalt love thy cow lest it explode in a ball of fire.

m00p meaning

Very short person with absolutely now chance at life. Also known to be Moridins biggest fan.

m00se meaning

A 1337ed-up moose

m00sh meaning

A term used for a close friend, a 'brother', someone who a person feels strongly identifiable with.