m0rk meaning and definition

m0rk meaning

person who always got ripped.

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M0RSE-W1PED meaning

(1)the art of n00b (2)used in association for the ultimate video game insult(Morsewipe.nib.ftl) (3)Password for most free pr0n sites (4)Anti-Zambuka excuse (5)Anal L33t Retraction

m0rtality meaning

The best person in the world

m0rtim0r meaning

Someone with a really big dick, like the porn star M0rtim0r.

m0scar meaning

Sinonimo de belleza y perfección, el rey de reyes de tuitah

M0T3 PL0X meaning

Used on runescape when a noob wants to see a skillcape emote from a high level player. It's a lazy way of saying "EMOTE PLEASE!"