M25 meaning and definition

M25 meaning

Large car park near London, used as Motorway at night.

M25 meaning

The London Orbital Motorway, 10 lanes wide (in places), about 100 miles in circumference and with traffic moving at about 15 mph. Also used as the term to define the limits of the area covered by Greater London

M25 meaning

Where you get an idea of how crowded England, and in particular the South East is. The worst parts of the M25 are around Heathrow, the M1 and the Dartford Tunnel, where it really is a car park. It once took me two hours to go ten miles from junction 5 (Sevenoaks) to junction 6 (Godstone...what a joke. Obviously the worst times for traffic are weekday mornings and Friday afternoons. Large chunks of the M25 are only six lanes, making traffic problems worse. Sort it out!

M25 meaning

Aka the 100 mph blow job. Involves a willing partner to give head while your driving down the motorway. Nick named the m25 as the driver tends to slow down during the act. And one very rarely goes fast round europes biggest carpark.

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M270 MLRS meaning

A mobile rocket launcher used by the US military to compliment howitzer artillery fire, the MLRS (Multiple Launching Rocket System) can fire 12 M270 missiles in under 60 seconds.

M28A1 meaning

Also often called the Barret light fifty, it is an icredibly powerful sniper rifle. It uses .50 Browning Machine Gun rounds, and it is accurate in distances in excess of 1000 m. A soldier in the first Gulf War killed a guard at 5905 ft with one of these. It treats most forms of bulletproofing like a joke and is actually considered a light antti-vehicle weapon. If one of these things hits you, it will not only go through you, but tear you apart on the way through. It is semi-auto with an 11 round clip.

M2AF meaning

Message to all friends. Usually sent over xbox live.

m2arp meaning

a term used when sending messages on xbox live m2arp : message 2 all recent players. shows it is a message sent upon mass to everyone the sender has recently played against

m2b meaning

m.2.b = meant to be....

M2BT meaning

Meant to be together. Simple as that.

m2c meaning

after giving your opinion to the world via forums etc this is used at the end to say in a abbreviation "my two cents"

M2 Flamethrower meaning

The M2 Flamethrower was used by American troops back in WWII. It is also the greatest piece of hack ever made in to Call of Duty:World at War when it comes to campaign and multiplayer. And do not get me started when someone gets it in Nazi Zombies.

M2G2F8 meaning

A wanna' be hacker/programmer who in all reality posesses the mental capacity of a premature llama fetus.

M2K meaning

n: Someone who can chaingrab perfectly.