m33p meaning and definition

m33p meaning

A term either derived from 'meep' which was said by roadrunner on an old cartoon series, or the noise that worms make if you listen really carefully. Orginated on an old mmorpg i played when i was 12-15, people just spammed "m33p" for about 2 days, because well they could.

m33p meaning

Purposefully used as an acclamation facilitating a salute to something raw that was said or done. Otherwise used as an outcry to be vociferated during any time of mirth.Pronounced "meep" (the 3s are surrogate to E's which is a common substitution found in 1337 (leet) speech)

m33p meaning

a celebratory shout

m33p meaning

A word that is uttered when an individual, usually female, is poked.

m33p meaning

word used- could mean anything. me and my friend found it in a how to draw manga book

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m33p0 meaning

A variation of the word m33p, or meep. Can mean anything. Is usually a random outburst of happiness or randomness.

m33persz meaning

It means you thumbsed this up when the definition sucked

m33t meaning

Retard slang for the word meet. 'To join' or 'to come together'.

M357 meaning

hydrocodone;the number inscription on hydrocodone

m358 meaning

Hydrocodone with acetaminophin. This is an intense painkiller similar to codeine. and vicodin