N3HJK meaning and definition

N3HJK meaning

Noun: A Ham Radio Operator. Lives in the washington DC area. Name Kevin. Can never have a simple conversation on 2meters Ham Radio. Always after only 2 minutes on the air he starts to screem words like Shit and Fuck. He starts to insult people And Drink and drink and drink more beer. All he talks about is how he gets crappy reception because he lives in an apartment and can't put an outside antenna up. You can find him just talking Shit on 145.490 or 146.835 in the Washington DC Area. once you hear him you never forget him.

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n3k0 meaning

Satan Hitman's ex-wife. She shortly divorced him after the wedding announcement. He's currently in the psychiatric treament center.

n3k0de meaning

Pronunciation: Any-'code, A: - A team of coders that wish to learn and master any code. B: - Singular or plural in construction: the best of a class, superachievers who domainate the computer elite. C: - Singular or plural in construction: the socially superior part of society. D: - A Group of persons who by virtue or position or education exercise much power or influence.

n3kk1d meaning

naked, or nakey for the younguns

N3kr0 Vikings meaning

The greatest black metal band ever. Ever. EVER. You can't deny the tr00ness of it.

n3kromancer meaning

Celois' sleeping partner. Has a robotic penis. Attends university in Shitsburgh.

n3l3la meaning

Arabic word used to express frustration or anger used by many Iraqisan Iraqi word for ( wtf )

N3MO meaning

Controvesial girl gamer, Gamespot wanker and resident moomoohead. A hardcore purist that is loved by many.

n3ox meaning

n3ox the name used for a really good call of duty play

N3RB meaning

a word used to destroy the hopes and dreams of any n00b. Can be used as an insult while on random forums or blogs.