N64 meaning and definition

N64 meaning

One of the first 3D gaming systems, and the last one to operate wiothout discs, meaning that there was no loading time any of its games.

N64 meaning

A dark grey video gaming console that demands your respect and attention. (also has a knack for collecting fuzz)

N64 meaning

The most kick-ass system ever. It had some awesome games. It did use cartridges, but cartridges give us minimal loading time. Sometimes, you can even save data on a cartridge itself. The official controller was sorta-sucky, but that was the only downside. The Gamecube is nothing compared to the N64.

N64 meaning

Nintendo 64

N64 meaning

Nintendo 64. Nintendo's 64-bit games console, the successor to the SNES.

N64 meaning

to place your pointer finger and middle finger spread apart in front of your lips indicating a cunnilingus maneuver

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N64itis meaning

(Noun) The pain you get in your thumb after using the analog stick on the N64 controller for too long.

N64 kid meaning

A totally maniac crazy kid in a video on the internet, that screams so F-kn loud because he got an N64 for christmas.

N64 Palms meaning

Occurs when playing Nintendo 64. Specifically during a game where you are required to move the joystick clockwise or counterclockwise very quickly and use your palm instead of one dinky finger. This results sometimes in the formation of calluses, and definitely uncomfortable pain for the next few days. Most common cause: Mario Party mini-games (cast aways, tug o' war, deep sea divers...ect)

N64 tennis meaning

The best game ever on a sega master system. The player has to play tennis against a fish who says "ok average size good job"

n73 meaning

To n73 is to have a momentary brain malfunction whilst high. Letting ones brain wonder away from the situation and the speaking aloud the thought train. Term comes from when a Nokia n73 locks up for a moment and shows nothing but garbage on screen until it unlocks moments later and is working just fine. For e.g. If the subject is traveling in Nathan and Carolyn's car towards Nathan and Carolyn's house then the subject says "So when are we going to meet up with Nathan and Carolyn?"

n8 meaning

an internet abreviation that is equivelent to "goodnight." Origionating from the german 'n' and '8' (oct) which coincidently spells "nacht" and not "nate" you arrigant bastard.

n88b meaning

Meaning total noob,it´s like the eights in the middle make up for four o´s so it´s like NOOOOB.

n8b meaning

n8b = newbie. So the word n8b is basically one of endless options to shortwrite the word newbie, like noob, or nub or....

N8clarking meaning

Continuously having sex with women or men a friend has already had sex with. Habitually humping chicks your friends have already humped.

N8 King meaning

Massive twat