NAACP awards meaning and definition

NAACP awards meaning

An award ceremony where black people are guarrenteed to win! Many other races and people have been persecuted more than blacks yet blacks get an award show!

NAACP awards meaning

An awards ceremony for black people that they are allowed to have, but white people would be racist for having a white awards ceremony

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naadameen meaning

Commonly evolved slang for "Know what I mean?"Pronounced: Na-a-da-meen (as fast as you can slur it together)In today's busy world, who has time to pronounce the spaces between words? Especially rappers, who are busing making millions singing about making millions, time is money! So they invented phrases like naadameen and zamzang to put emphasis on their general message: you must believe what they say and idolize it, listen to the repetative hooks that tell you how much better their lives are than yours, then talk amongst your friends and/or people on the internet about how cool they are or what they're wearing or generally stuff about their lives that has nothing to do with you, like people have done for the popular people in Hollywood for so long.

Naader meaning

A move in the sport lacrosee where a player trying to pick up the ball completely misses the ball. He/she misses the ball by lining up improperly or does not scoop through. It is normally a bad thing when one pulls a Naader.

Naadia meaning

Naadia means a hopeful, beautiful, polite. determined and humorous female. She was raised in the hood, but never let that get in the way of her going big places because... Naadia is a diva and a hustler.

naadir meaning

Naadir is an amazing, or UH-MAY-ZING, genius, or geniass. He falls alseep in random places, even while he's on the phone.

naadirah meaning

a girl with pure goals , she is quite shy with certain people but also can be a girl who os inspirational and cheerful. the name naadirah also means true natural beauty from the inside and outside. anyone with this name is rare and precious and once you lose this person shes gone so she may be what you call a rare diamond that you could lose wuite easliy.

Naadir Mehta meaning

Some kid who thinks he can hack computers but really cant.

naads meaning

North American Air Defense System! Their acronym spells naads which sounds like "nads". So they had to use the acronym NORAD. Pfffft

naadukusthunaadu meaning

a fake telugu word used by people when they're in shock, they're referring to a shitty person, or when they simply feel mad....

Naae meaning

Naae , A Very Pretty Girls , Also Freaky , If She Tells SomeOne She Loves Them She Means It . & She Loves To Fight .

naael meaning

Dumbass white washed nigga ...tries hard to be funny but a rly good friend