n006 meaning and definition

n006 meaning

A way of saying noob that noobs use to define themselves. See noob, n00b, n008

n006 meaning

An alternative designation for someone that is a N00b.

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n008 meaning

someone who has little to no experience in video games like Halo or Runescape. They generally are stupid and act childish and basically should be killed.

n00b meaning

The derogatory word used to label someone who is new to a particular game/forum/server/where-ever. Many people misuse the word, insulting new members by calling them 'n00b's. The word 'newb' is sometimes confused with this term - 'newb' standing for 'new beginner'. Whereas a n00b means one of two common terms. 1) A new member who is acting stupidly. 2) A member who is acting stupidly, regardless of level and/or experience.

n00b00zle meaning

Verb. To bamboozle someone who believes they hold a superior postion to the bamboozler.

n00b13 meaning

n00b13 = n00bie = noobie = newbie part of the l33t sp34k

n00b14t0r meaning

n00b = just n00b ;) b00n 14t0r = Terminator ;) n00b14t0r = uber n00b