n00balicious meaning and definition

n00balicious meaning

Something that directly relates to n00bish behavior. for example, something is n00balicious if n00bs enjoy it, use it, or misuse it (being that they are n00bs). also, n00blalicious can be a way to describe particularly n00bish actions by someone

n00balicious meaning

When something or someone is so bad at what they do (ex: Halo) that they are beyond a n00b, and you know they are.

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n00ballistic meaning

openly nooblar or possessing subnormal intelligence.

n00baloid meaning

One who runs in circles, and possesses the 1337ness to add zeros to their descriptors. See noobaloid.

n00baphile meaning

noun 1) A person who tries to help a n00b 2) A person who seeks out and then taunts a n00b

N00baphobia meaning

N00baphobiais the fear of noobies.

n00basaurus meaning

absolutely incapable of anything, probably cannot even spell their own name